All parents want their children to do well at school. Some children may need more support to achieve their potential. This may be because they have an Additional Learning Need, which may mean they have difficulties in learning or using school facilities. This section gives you information about the different types of support children and young people can receive.

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What Does ‘Additional Learning Needs’ Mean?

If a child or young person has Additional Learning Needs (ALN), they may need more support to learn than the majority of children and young people of the same age. Read more about additional learning needs (ALN).

Help with Specific Needs

Additional learning provision is available in many educational settings and helps to support children or young people with Additional Learning Needs (ALN). Find out more about additional learning provision.

What Are My Rights and Responsibilities?

If your child has Additional Learning Needs, you may receive certain kinds of support and information from your child’s school. Read about the different kinds of information you can expect to receive.

Specialist Staff for Special Needs

Children and young people with Additional Learning Needs (ALN) may receive support from specialist professionals within their Local Authority. Learn about the specialists who may be involved in your child’s education.

The SEN Code of Practice for Wales

The SEN Code of Practice for Wales informs schools and other educational settings about their statutory duty to make provision for children’s Additional Learning Needs. View key points from the Code of Practice.

How to Access Help and Support

If you are concerned about the progress your child is making at school, you should talk to your child’s teacher or the Additional Learning Needs Coordinator (ALNCo). Read about what may happen when you do this.

What Does ‘ALN Support’ Mean?

Additional Learning Needs (ALN) support or provision can take many different forms, depending on your child’s individual needs. Learn more about the purpose of ALN support and find examples of what this may include.

Who Decides What ALN Support My Child Has?

You may be the first person to become aware that your child may have Additional Learning Needs (ALN), or this may be identified by your child’s teacher or school. Read more about how children’s needs are identified and assessed.

Questions Parents Often Ask

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