About Parent and Partnership Services

Parent Partnership Services provide support and advice to parents whose children have Additional Learning Needs.  We provide a free and impartial service for all parents and carers of children with Additional Learning Needs, and offer the advice, information and guidance necessary for you to make the right choices for your child. Your school and Local Authority will also be able to give you information as to how to contact your local Parent Partnership Service. Support is also offered to families through a helpline (or this website, which provides information and advice for parents).  

Services offered by the ‘Parent Partnership Service’ include:

• Impartial, accurate information, advice and support.

• A listening ear for families to talk things through.

• Help to gain access to a range of support services.

• Practical help in dealing with letters, filling in forms and understanding professional reports.

• Ongoing support during difficult times.

• Support to make informed decisions about school and other educational placements. (Including support with dealing with Additional Learning Needs issues that relate to health, education, social services and other agencies).

• Support to maintain good working relationships with relevant professionals.Support in developing good working practice with parents/carers.

• To help families play an active and valued role in their child’s education and development: giving families a voice. 

We can help you through:

  • Telephone or e-mail;
  • Letter and written information;
  • Arranging a home visit if appropriate;
  • Support at meetings.

Parents can engage in this partnership by: 

  • speaking with the headteacher or ALNCo of their local school (who will also be able to give contact details for the local Parent Partnership Service); 
  • or contacting their Local Authority (through the links below)

What you can expect to find here

  • Information available about children and young people with Additional Learning Needs – ALN
  • Parental support available for you.
  • Information about support groups and services in your area.
  • A straightforward explanation of educational processes for children with Additional Learning Needs.
  • Information on Additional Learning Needs
  • Advice and support about forms and written documents
  • Information about a range of ways we can offer support

Local Support in West Wales

Parent Partnership Services provide support and advice to parents whose children have Additional Learning Needs. Information and advice is provided by a dedicated team who provide accurate and neutral information.