Pembrokeshire Parent Partnership Service

Pembrokeshire Parent Partnership Service is here to help parent carers of children with Additional Learning Needs by providing information, advice and support. We provide a free and impartial service for all parents and carers of children with additional learning needs in Pembrokeshire.

We can offer the advice, information and guidance necessary for you to make the right choices for your child from our team of Inclusion Support Workers who work directly with families, early years and school settings across the north, south and central parts of the county.

In addition an officer is in place to support the voice of the child when making decisions about their specialist provision. Support is also offered to families via a helpline or this website which provides information and advice for parents.

Services We Offer Include

  • Impartial, accurate information, advice and support.
  • A listening ear for families to talk things through.
  • Help to gain access to a range of support services.
  • Practical help in dealing with letters, filling in forms and understanding professional reports.
  • Ongoing support during difficult times.
  • Support to make informed decisions about school and other educational placements and provision from health, education, social services and other agencies.
  • Support to maintain good working relationships with relevant professionals.
  • Support in developing good working practice with parents/carers.
  • To help families play an active and valued role in their child’s education and development – giving families a voice.

We’re here to help!

Our helpline is available Monday to Friday between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm. with an answerphone service at other times.
01437 776354

Your Regional Workers

Leonie Rayner – Inclusion Support Team Coordinator

South Pembrokeshire – Joanna Ambrose
North Pembrokeshire – Hannah MacDonald
Central Pembrokeshire – Janice Managhan


Please see below the following links for up-to-date news about services in Pembrokeshire and from the Welsh Government, concerning additional learning needs.

Details of Workshops, training, parent conferences and support groups in the local area are listed below. For further information, please contact Pembrokeshire Parent Partnership Service on 01437 776354 or

Parent and Carer Workshops Autumn 2020  (Click here)

Parent Networking Groups – Autumn 2020 (Click here)

Parent Workshop – Social Communication (Click here)

Parent Workshop Person Centred Planning (PCP) (Click here)

Your Local School Support Team

The Team Around the Pupil Parent and Setting (TAPPAS) is a group of professionals that support a cluster of schools and families of children with ALN. The team from the Inclusion Service includes an educational psychologist, specialist teachers, speech & language therapist, as well as support staff for pupils with additional needs

Click here to find out more about your local TAPPAS team.

Person Centred Planning

What is a Person Centred Planning (PCP) Approach?

  • PCP is a way of working together and communicating positively with each other
  • The child/young person is at the centre
  • The voice of the child is key, as is the voice of the family
  • The views, wishes and feelings of those involved are at the heart of decision making.

Leaflet for Parents and Carers  (Click here)

Leaflet for Young People   (Click here)

Leaflet for Professionals    (Click here)

Specialist Services and Provision

Find information about services in Pembrokeshire which support children and young people with more complex needs, including Learning Resource Centres (LRCs) and special schools.

Accessing Specialist Services

Explore other specialist services available in Pembrokeshire, including support for children and young people with disabilities, hearing or visual impairments, or specific learning difficulties.

Resolving Concerns

If you are concerned about the progress your child is making at school, it’s important to talk to your child’s teacher or your Additional Learning Needs Coordinator (ALNCo). Read more about how to resolve concerns.