What is effective partnership working?

Any partnership (to be effective) requires commitment, trust and respect from both parties.

In order for children to gain the maximum benefit from their schooling, the development of positive relationships between their parents and school is vital.

The five ‘Rs’ of partnership are:

   1. Rights

   2. Responsibilities

   3. Relationships

   4. Resources

   5. Reality

Effective partnerships are facilitated by the following:

  • Each partner recognises the different skills, experiences and knowledge of each of the other partners.
  • Each partner values the skills, experience and knowledge of the other partners.
  • All partners recognise the need for the input of each of the partners.
  • Each partner feels valued.

These four key factors are also vital to help partnerships work. (They also assist in reducing conflict and disagreement):

  1. Mutual understanding
  2. Trust
  3. Respect
  4. Empathy between all partners.

Local Support in West Wales

Parent Partnership Services provide support and advice to parents whose children have Additional Learning Needs. Information and advice is provided by a dedicated team who provide accurate and neutral information.