Whether its advice about building those partnerships with your child or young person’s school and professionals, finding out more about ALN and getting support, transition advice, or some help understanding all the ‘jargon’, the Parent Partnership Service is here to help.

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Building Partnerships with Parents

Strong partnerships between parents and professionals are crucial to promoting a child’s learning and development. Learn more about these partnerships and the different partners who may be involved with your child.

About ALN and Getting Support

Children and young people who have Additional Learning Needs (ALN) may need more support to achieve their potential at school. Learn more about ALN and the different kinds of support that are available.

Role of the ALNCo and Professionals

If your child has Additional Learning Needs (ALN), they may receive support from a number of professionals, including an Additional Learning Needs Co-ordinator (ALNCo). Find out more about these specialist roles.

Types of Additional Learning Needs

Additional Learning Needs (ALN) can take a wide variety of forms and can relate to one or more different areas of learning, such as communication and cognition. Learn more about the different types of ALN.

Assessments and the Graduated Response

If your child has Additional Learning Needs (ALN), it is important that these are reviewed regularly to ensure your child is getting the right support. Read about how your child’s needs are assessed and what may happen as a result.

School Stages and Transition Planning

Moving from one stage of school to another is a time of change. For children with Additional Learning Needs (ALN), these transitions require careful planning. Read more about transition planning and the different educational stages.

Choosing a School for Your Child

Deciding which school will be right for your child can be very difficult. If your child has Additional Learning Needs (ALN), there are a number of things to consider. Read advice about visiting different educational settings and applying for places.

How to Resolve Your Concerns

If your child has Additional Learning Needs (ALN) and you are unhappy about the support they are receiving at school, there are a number of ways to raise and resolve your concerns. View information about your options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read answers to the questions that parents and carers most often ask us and find additional information about some of the phrases we use on this website, such as Assessment, School Action and Annual Review.

Terminology Guide

It can be very frustrating to be part of a discussion when you don’t understand some of the language being used. Find definitions of the words and acronyms that are often used when talking about Additional Learning Needs (ALN).

About Us

Read an overview of the information provided on this website and find contact details for local Parent Partnership Services.

Local Support in West Wales

Parent Partnership Services provide support and advice to parents whose children have Additional Learning Needs. Information and advice is provided by a dedicated team who provide accurate and neutral information.