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This page has information that is specifically tailored for those living in Pembrokeshire.

Where to go to resolve your concerns

If you are concerned about the progress your child is making at school, you should first talk to the class teacher. If your child has additional learning needs you should also talk to your Additional Learning Needs Coordinator (ALNCo). You may also talk to the Head Teacher.

If your concerns relate to the support your child is getting, you can ask to see the school’s policy on Additional Learning Needs (ALN).

Other concerns should normally be shared with the Head Teacher.

A phone call may reassure you about an issue concerning the Local Authority. If not, then put your concerns in writing.

Many problems can be solved informally by talking to the teachers at your child’s school. Before taking further action, make sure that you have shared your concerns. For guidance on different types of concerns see the links provided below.

If you want independent advice you may wish to ring Pembrokeshire Parent Partnership Service (01437 776354).

Click on the links below to help you understand where to go for advice and information for:

The support provided by the school

The specialist support provided by the Local Authority

Disability Discrimination

Choice of Schools

Making a Complaint

Tips for Parents

If you still have not resolved your disagreement by going through the steps outlined below there is further information also included about complaints procedures, the Independent Disagreement Resolution Service and the SEN and Disability Tribunal.

We’re here to help!

Our helpline is available Monday to
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Tel: 01437 776354