Powys Local Authority

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Our helpline is available Monday to
Friday between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm.
Tel: 01597 826437


Resolving Concerns

It is essential that all parties work together in partnership to ensure that the best outcomes are achieved for children and young people. Therefore it is essential that all parties are able to have open and honest communication within an environment of trust and respect.

Initial questions or concerns regarding your child or young person’s needs should be raised with the school that your child/young person attends. Specifically you should request a conversation or meeting with the ALNCo and/or Head teacher of the school. Within this meeting there should be discussions about four key areas:

  • Identification and assessment of additional needs
  • Planning of suitable and additional provision
  • Implementation of agreed actions with intended outcomes
  • Review of provision to ensure it is still appropriate to meet specific needs

Schools need to evidence the additional support provided through a graduated approach.

If you feel that you would like further information or are unhappy with the outcomes following discussion with your child’s/young person’s school you have the option to make contact with the ALN & Inclusion Department at Powys. You may wish to contact SNAP Cymru directly at this point, but we would encourage you to call the ALN & Inclusion Department first so that we can work with you and the school in order to resolve any concerns that you have.