The Role of the Local Authority

Key responsibilities

The Local Authority has an essential role and responsibility linked with:

  • Keeping under review the arrangements it makes for meeting the Additional Learning Needsof all children and young people.
  • Ensuring that suitable provision is made for children with Additional Learning Needs who require education other than in a mainstream classroom.
  • Working closely with health and social services, and other appropriate statutory, voluntary and private agencies in making suitable provision for children with Additional LearningNeeds.
  • Having regard to any regulations and guidance produced by the Welsh Government and providing suitable guidance for schools and parents on how practices and procedures for meeting Additional Learning Needs should be implemented.

Parent Partnership 

All Local Authorities have a statutory duty to provide Parent Partnership Services, but do not have to deliver the service themselves.  Parents and schools should receive clear information about services and providers (including, where relevant, the involvement of voluntary groups).  Local Authorities may wish to develop consultation arrangements with voluntary organisations and parent support groups to ensure that they are aware of local policies and procedures for children with Additional Learning Needs. They should be made aware that voluntary groups can make a positive contribution to the development and review of Additional Learning Needs policies and practices.  Local Authorities have a responsibility for the provision of a wide range of information materials for parents.  Local Authorities should also inform parents of any responsibilities that schools have in publishing policies relating to Additional Learning Needs.

Local Support in West Wales

Parent Partnership Services provide support and advice to parents whose children have Additional Learning Needs. Information and advice is provided by a dedicated team who provide accurate and neutral information.